This We Believe

Johnson Wax

Video program that introduces new employees to the essence of Johnson Wax - who they are and how they operate. Shot on

location in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. Stories of employees, consumers and citizens, bring to life the company’s guiding philosophy - This We Believe.


Up Close and Personal

Northwestern Mutual

When women bobsledders competed for the first time in the Olympics at Salt Lake City, Northwestern Mutual was a key corporate sponsor. This video, which played at the annual summer meeting of over 9,000 agents and their families, captures the excitement of the U.S. women’s team quest for gold.


The Faces of Assurant

Assurant Health

Agents share stories about how the support they get from the home-office staff contributes to their success in helping provide clients with quality health care. The video premiered at four company-wide meetings across the U.S.


Internal Communication

          many ways. many stories.


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